My Values

Respect for the environment

Concerned about everyone's health and the environment, I choose ecological products as much as possible. In the garden, no phytosanitary products are used; I prefer the gardener to weed by hand.

During your stay, I invite you to join me in my eco-responsible approach, by sorting your waste, limiting your consumption of water and electricity or using the composter.

Thoughtful purchasing

In order to reduce the use of single-use plastics, a reverse osmosis system provides quality filtered water and avoids the need to buy plastic bottles. A Delonghi espresso machine with coffee beans to limit the use of capsules.

Ecolabel soap and shower gel in refillable dispensers are provided by me. All appliances have been chosen with the same rigorous attention towater and energy saving.

I also renovated the house with a view to limiting resource consumption

A committed local player

I'm committed to promoting my region, and to sharing my best addresses and favorites with you to make your stay even more memorable. This commitment was rewarded with the 1stAmbassador 's Prize awardedby the Greater Carcassonne Tourist Office... one of my proudest achievements!

Choosing local artisans

For all the renovation work on the house, and there was some, I chose to work only with local craftsmen recognized in their field for their knowledge and expertise.

I also chose to buy almost all the furniture and equipment from local suppliers, giving priority to the quality of their products.

Promoting local producers

I'd like to share with you the best local addresses of producers, bakers, patissiers, butchers, market gardeners..

I believe it's important to promote the know-how of local specialties and products to enhance the value of my region, which is rich in gastronomy and winegrowers.